Executive Coaching for Women

By Rewire Inc. , on

Women who are in leadership roles face many of the same challenges as men but tend to handle these challenges differently. They look for a coach who will listen to them and help them find the..

Ask a Coach: Time-Management and Time Vampires

By Kate Gigax , on


Using Pictures to Explain Work-life Balance

By Steve Longan , on

If you’re reading this, you’re like a lot of people: interested in work-life balance and convinced that it can help you to lead a fuller, happier, more meaningful life. But do we understand what..

5 Really Smart People Share Ideas to Improve Work-Life Balance

By Steve Longan , on

As we've discussed before on The Wireboard, work-life balance is crucial to productivity, satisfaction with our work and overall health. But what are some innovative ways to think about work-life..

Infographic: Why Work-Life Balance Is Difficult; Why We Need to Pursue Balance Anyway

By Steve Longan , on

Mindfulness & Meditation Guide: A Rewire Ebook Resource

By Steve Longan , on

If you've been reading our articles, or come to one of our workshops or gone through a corporate engagement with us, or just spent some time with any of us in Rewire, you'll know we practice and..

Win with a Mortgage Loan Officer Mindset Coach

By Stefanie Sample , on

You’re a highly driven mortgage loan officer looking to grow your sales immensely. You’ve attended the seminars, the workshops, the luncheons. You know all about managerial techniques, and you..

How One-on-One Business Coaching Gets Results

By Stefanie Sample , on

Nobody likes being told what to do.


You don’t have to be a neuroscientist to understand this. It’s just part of the human experience: once someone gives us a specific task and tells us we must..

The Invisible Burdens We Keep: Emotional Labor and Work-Life Balance for Women

By Kate Gigax , on

If you are a regular Wireboard reader, you already know that we think work-life balance is more about counterbalancing the various areas of the busy lives we lead.  That counterbalancing act looks..

It's Not How Good You Are Now, It's How Good You're Gonna' Be: The Role of Coaching in Improvement

By Steve Longan , on

We've been sharing this video featuring Atul Gawande around the Rewire offices lately. And it's not just that he's a proponent of coaching to improve mindsets and outcomes in our work. It's that..

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