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Much is made these days of the idea of self-awareness. A more popular term in the recent past is “mindfulness.” This, of course, is hardly new to anyone who has studied Eastern Mysticism. In the post-post-modern world it can seem like we have explored so much and attained knowledge on so many topics. It almost feels like the “information age” was something we were speaking about years ago and somehow we are past that, too.

To be certain, there are things we don’t know about in the universe, but with the amount of information we all carry with us in our pockets, we have come to a point in which new information can seem mundane and ubiquitous. I sometimes wonder if this will once-and-for-all kill curiosity. I hope not.


But I believe that there is still some unchartered water out there and we may be surprised to learn that it isn’t so much “out there” as much as it is “in here.” At Rewire we often refer to an ancient maxim (often associated with the Oracle at Delphi) that states "Know Thyself."


What if (just what if…) knowing yourself better was at least one of the keys to greater success? How ever you’re defining success — financially, vocationally, relationally or spiritually. Any of those could do for a definition of what it means to be successful. It has been fairly well-studied and documented that success (irrespective of definition) is more likely when our minds are calm and at peace, when we can think clearly unfettered with anxiety or fear.


And yet, anxiety, fear, and worry don’t seem to be all that diminished in our “post-post-modern, we-got-all-the-info-we-need” world. If you would stop and consider that, I would love to hear why you think that is. My thought is that a lot us are laboring under the delusion that external information is sufficient for growth or success or peace — when it’s not. I want to also suggest that we could all know ourselves better. We could improve in our ability to be mindful and know more about what we do and specifically why we do it. There is a vast amount of knowledge that every one of us has accumulated over the years that both propels us forward and/or holds us back. This is where our biggest drivers for growth lie...inside.


If you believed that knowing yourself better was a key to a more fruitful existence, would you be willing to explore? This is the journey that we are on. It is said that “knowledge is power.” I want to suggest that “understanding yourself is a deeper power.”


Join the growing ranks of those that are Rewiring. It is a deep and glorious journey.