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I am so grateful for the many people in the world who are so much more knowledgeable than me (an extensive list, by the way).  Yet I continue to be blown away by how some of the wisest people out there rarely get their ideas sold or shared all because they refuse to sell “ease."  What I mean is that some of the best ideas, teachings and people seem to go unheard and unused because they:

  • had books that were too long
  • didn't tell enough jokes
  • used words that were too big
  • didn't seem like they were attached to "our kind of people"

These are just a few examples, but they all boil down to the idea that there was some sort of barrier (usually not that big of a deal, in the grand scheme), and the path was deemed "too hard."


I suppose I am on a crusade, of sorts, to share with the world that transformation and growth are not complicated but also not easy.  I beg you to consider any marketing for any product or service that is appealing to an already receptive mind about how easy things are.  How easy it is to make a million dollars, to get into shape, to make more calls, etc…


But, at some point, if we don’t embrace the difficulty of change then we simply won’t change.  The truth is that you can earn more money; you can make more calls; you can lose the unwanted weight, but only if you rewire your brain to think differently (and that is the hard part). Consider using a mindset coach.


Possible?  Absolutely.  Hard?  Oh yes… But don’t fight how hard it is.  Embrace it or you will simply stay right where you are.


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