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30-Day Goal Hitting Program 

Goals. We all have them, make them, and set them aside to wither like well-intentioned heads of lettuce in the crisper drawer. It can be difficult to watch deadlines you set for yourself whoosh by, and even harder to not reach the goals you set out to achieve. We can all relate to this experience. Sometimes an unexpected project or hiccup at work prevents us from reaching quarterly goals. A family sickness can prevent us from keeping a health and wellness routine. But that doesn't mean we should stop setting goals. It just means you might need a little extra help.

Mindset Coaching

At Rewire we have found that the hardest part of goals is having enough support and structure to reach them, which is why we specialize in professional mindset coaching. Mindset coaching is one-on-one coaching based on cognitive psychology and neurobiology. Our cognitive-based coaching techniques focus on the role of transformative thinking to spark real change and achieve authentic, sustainable growth.


Self-Guided Coaching Program

We also realize that people are busy and may not be ready to commit to a Rewire mindset coach. That is why we created the 30-Day Sprint: a free self-guided coaching program with the same caliber of high quality content delivered by our professional coaches.

Free Self-Guided Coaching Program

What's In The 30-Day Sprint?

Participants receive one email a day for thirty days with one 5-8 minute goal-setting task. These are usually very short writing exercises designed to slow down your busy mind and help you focus on what's in front of you in order to make rapid progress toward your goal. Daily topics focus on the basic tenets of REWIRE: Rest, Energy, Wellness, Integrate, Release, and Execute, in addition to real, actionable steps you can take to implement the 30-Day lessons into your life. No fluff.

30-Day Sprint

Check-Ins From a Coaching Consultant

The program also offers no-cost check-ins from Paolo, Rewire's professional coaching consultant. Participants can take advantage of reaching out to Paolo free of charge because we believe in the power of community and support.

You have mile markers and goals you want to hit in your professional and personal life; we all do. Start today with our free self-guided coaching program, the 30-Day Sprint. Why wait?