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Jake Davis only ever wanted to be better: better at work, better in his relationships, better at utilizing his skills and talents. But he suddenly realizes that after years of pursuing countless strategies for self-improvement, he has somehow failed to change in any meaningful way.

If not for hearing a random comment about the lizard brain, he might never have found the authentic transformation he was looking for. But those two words – lizard brain – started him on a quest to discover exactly what was inhibiting his growth, and how he could work instead toward lasting change.

Through Jake’s story, author Steve Scanlon reveals the four characteristics of the lizard brain that work against our rational minds to keep us reacting from a place of emotion and instinct. And he reveals six useful tools for counteracting the lizard brain’s limiting impulses.

It is a simple yet powerful message, delivered through a blend of storytelling and nonfiction, about the difficulty - and glorious possibility - of authentic and sustainable change.



Still The Lizard Workshop

Put all the insights of Still the Lizard to work for you! In this workshop, we teach you and your team to recognize the Lizard Brain's four main drives and give people a shared language to address these barriers to growth. We also provide individual and team strategies for "stilling" the Lizard Brain and entering into a new season of growth.

  • 90-minute, half-day, or full-day workshop options
  • Engaging and highly participative
  • For groups of 15 to 100 people

When you help your employees become their best selves, they bring their best to your business.



Steve Scanlon

Steve Scanlon is the Founder and CEO of Rewire, Inc., a company centered around teaching how the human mind shapes the path to success. His focus is on bringing current neurological discoveries to bear in areas of leadership, management, sales and operational performance, interpersonal communication, improved corporate culture, and personal excellence. Using the concepts of Lizard Brain, emotional intelligence, metacognition and mindfulness, Steve helps companies, teams and individuals better understand how to make effective changes for radical improvement. He has spent most of his professional career helping other people find ways to fulfill their greatest potential, dedicating over 20,000 hours to one-on-one coaching with business executives and other top performers, and presenting hundreds of workshop and keynote sessions with teams and groups of all sizes.