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The truth is that no one has a 360° view of themselves. Not me and not you and not just in regards to our actual bodies: this goes for our businesses too. No matter how objectively we think we see our businesses, there will be blind spots.

In the realm of sports, most professional athletes have figured this out. This is why they rely on coaches, and many athletes have their own personal trainer/coaches in addition to official team staff.

And we're talking about folks who are the best at their trade − they know the fundamentals well and have practiced them for countless hours. Furthermore, they often have the resources (and sometimes egos) to go at it alone, and yet almost all of them choose to employ someone in their life to help them be better.

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The boxer needs a view he cannot see, the baseball player needs a swing coach to watch and find the miniscule biomechanical ways to get more bats on the ball. Virtually every great golfer in the world has someone looking at their swing.

If the best-of-the-best have this sort of support, why wouldn't the rest of us benefit from the same? The truth is that some of the most effective and successful salespeople and executives alike have chosen to employ someone in their life and in their business to help them see the big and small ways so that they themselves can “get more bats on more balls.”

At Rewire, we take a unique approach to coaching called “Brain-Based Coaching.” It incorporates some of the traditional strategies of coaching (listening, action plans, accountability, etc.) and then combines those with strategies coming out of cognitive science. This approach arises from our commitment to the idea that people cannot achieve better results and take different actions unless they can first learn new thinking and mindsets.

Too many people have been going it alone for too long. A excellent coach is one who has the unique ability to listen to and understand your particular situation, and then participate with you in helping you grow how you think, process, and ultimately act.

We invite you to engage with us. Ask us questions; dig deep. Getting the right coach can absolutely be the difference between getting to your objectives  or not. If you are ready to get a true 360° view,  to think differently and change for the better, you are ready for a coach.


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