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On Friday, November 8th, Typhoon Hayian slammed into the Philippines and as of right now (some 6 days removed as I write this) they can't even come close to the death toll.  All they can guess is "in the thousands."

How many families displaced, children with no parents men and women with no shelter, no food, nothing?  And, sure, we hear about it and feel awful.... but then our busyness takes back over and -poof-  back into our worlds.


It is good to stay focused and I am all for working hard, but I believe we have the capacity to work hard, grow our organizations and still be giving, caring people.  We created a grassroots part of our business called The Lounge (you should go check it out).  Among other things, The Lounge is a way for a community of people to come together and be givers to a hurting world.  We really hope you go join.


Our inaugural organization is the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network and we are eager to be able to support them in a huge way with Lounge subscriptions.  However, if the Philippino people are on your heart, then make a donation to the Red Cross or another organization helping that part of the world.


Giving and helping changes us from the inside out.  Please don't believe you are too busy to make a difference.