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Exactly a half a century ago, The Byrds made famous a song written by Pete Seeger called “Turn, Turn, Turn.”  If you are humming that melody in your head as you read this, it may say something about your age.*

I bring up this song because it is a great reminder of a specific kind of awareness that we can all keep sharpening.  You see, good ol' Mr. Seeger made a lasting tune from plagiarizing the book of Ecclesiastes in which King Solomon reminds us that wherever we are in life is transitory — a moving river rather than a stagnant pond.


This is why I am always interested in the ubiquitous question “How are you?”  My closest friends have mostly stopped asking me “How are you?” Because they’ve learned that, if they ask me that question, they’ll have to spend some time listening to me as I think out loud about a meaningful answer.  So, how am I?  You mean, in this season of life? Or physically? Or in my business?  Or….


I understand that people aren’t really looking for the exhaustive answer to that question but rather just getting some other conversation started. But I actually stop and think about how I am. Then it hits me that, usually I “am” a variety of things in any given time. I am certainly blessed, but I could also be dealing with some inevitable sadness. And the same goes for everyone in my life. My wife and kids are doing well, but their answer to “how are you?” is equally as complex – full of some really great things and some pitfalls all at once.


The important thing to remember that however we “are” is seasonal.  Part of embracing the Lizard Brain and learning to "Still it, not kill it" is the acceptance of seasons. You see, if we don’t accept that seasons are very real, then we cause ourselves undue pain.  If your season right now is one of depression, or sadness, or hurt or difficulty or illness, take heart: that season will pass.  If you don’t embrace this seasonal concept, then you may tell yourself that where you are is where you will stay. And that mindset, then, adds despair over any other difficulty.


Conversely, if you are in a season of abundance, and growth and prosperity and health, know that this too shall change. And that is OK.  


It is a lesson I keep learning over and over. If I don’t embrace the idea of seasons, then I think the tough ones will last forever or the good ones will never end.  Either way I get whacked in the end.


If we can embrace this concept through increased awareness, then and only then can the fullness of life be experienced with peace.  I believe that my own Rewiring has led me to understand this more and more.  And to think I am only at the beginning of the journey.  I hope to see you on the road.  Blessings to you in your season.




Fret not, though, because the cool thing about Rewiring is that should you embrace it, your best is always yet to come.