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We love our dogs.

Our pets, in general, are big parts of our lives. In fact, so much of our lives are directed at either thinking about or doing something with our pets. And that's fine - pets are great. They relieve stress (generally) and can be used to teach your kids responsibility (hopefully), and can be great companions.


However, there is one pet in particular that we may choose to dislike and it is our "Pet Peeve." Pet Peeves are perfect examples of how our unconscious mind manifests itself in our lives. Pet Peeves feel natural and normal in the moment, but, more often than not, they are not helpful to us.


Believe it or not, Pet Peeves actually reveal something about us that may require a closer look and some time in mediation on our part. The good news is that since we all have them we have plenty of opportunities to examine what it is within us that is triggered by something external to us. The key is to move the focus from the outside in: If we keep the focus on the outside and continue to explain our pet peeves in terms of external forces, then we never allow for an opportunity to examine how or why we think that way to begin with.


I am big on using triggers to help me make important unconscious things become conscious and it struck me recently that I can use my own pet peeves as triggers to evaluate my behavior. So, what are your pet peeves?  These are not pets we are suppose to like and feed and nurture. I encourage you to watch your own for a while and pay attention to who you are in them.