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just do it again

A few years back, I was walking through a store when this shirt called to me from the shelf “Buy me!” It was a Nike shirt and it read, “Just Do It And Then Do It Again.”  I bought the shirt.  It was my mantra after all.  I had been reciting it for years.  I’d learned that doing the same things, over and over again, even when I didn’t feel like doing them, would produce results.  On days where I needed a little extra mojo to get through a project or face a particular challenge, I’d put on that shirt and my running shoes and my team knew.  It was obviously more than a shirt, but the physical reminder meant something to me, and to my team.

Over the years I’ve continued in that mantra and it’s treated me quite well.  I’m a “Just Do It” girl and that’s not likely to change.  That said, there are a few questions that have caused me to "just do it" differently.  I’ve learned to ask myself these questions regularly and I encourage you to consider them and do the same.

  •  Are the things you’re intentionally doing, over and over, the right things that are producing the kind of results you desire in your relationships and life?
  • What things do you do over and over again that you don’t even recognize you’re doing?
  • With either of the first two questions, should you stop them, continue them or modify them in any way?

You see, our Lizard Brain would have us continue repeating the same habits regardless of the end result and will actually tell us not to change our pattern of just doing it, over and again.  Oftentimes we don’t even realize the things that we’re doing because they’ve truly become hard-wired.  We need to establish new patterns of doing and the first step is to take a look at what we’re doing today and truly think about what our habits are and if they’re producing the results in us that we desire.


At REWIRE, we want you think differently and do it differently as a result. We're here to help! I'd also love to hear about your "It's go time" gear.  Drop me a line in the comments and tell me what that is for you: A rally cap? Special coffee cup? A certain shirt or pair of shoes?

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