Get Started


Hi all! Quick blog for today. I’ve been out this week working with people in Wisconsin rewiring minds in the service of our businesses and the people in our lives. It has been absolutely wonderful and there are people taking fantastic first steps in transforming their work and world. Part of the rewiring message revolves around the courage required to get outside of ourselves: our own issues and opportunities. One way we do this is by helping others; by investing in other people.

So, let me give you all a couple quick questions and just pick one to answer related to investing in others: What one person could you reach out and call this weekend? What one thing could you do for (or with) another person that would help them - that would make a positive impact in their life? What one group could you help this weekend that’s engaged in investing in the lives of others?


One last thing. We personally know some of you reading this blog, but not all of you. And part of our mission is to foster a community oriented around transforming its work and world through actions that rewire the mind. So, we’d like to do a little community-fostering in this blog right here. Don’t feel any pressure - you don’t have to do this. But if you’d be willing, maybe drop us a comment in section below this post. Tell us what you’ll do this weekend. When you do this, be as specific as you can. Ambiguity is one key enemy of action.  And let this be a little extension of the community that’s building - a place to check-in with others engaged in this process.


That’s it from me. Go. Invest. Have a great weekend!


Feel free to leave your comment below.