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A colleague of mine recently went to a seminar and snapped a picture of some books that were being sold in the back of the room.  It was an educational seminar of sorts and the books that he sent me were titled: The One Hour MBAThe Ten Day MBA, and The Instant MBA.  Now, with all due respect to the authors of these books, I find it fascinating that there is a market for people who think they can get a Masters of Business Administration degree in the speed of a cup of coffee.

What does it say about our culture that we have so little time and yet so much yearning for betterment that we would possibly be enticed to think we could achieve so much with such little effort?


Make no mistake, the Lizard Brain within you absolutely wants you to believe this is possible.  Furthermore, it will forever try and convince you that taking the time (which it says you don’t have) and exerting the energy (which it says you can’t waste) is not a good proposition for you.


Catch yourself being intrigued by the impossible and unlikely.  Getting an MBA in an “instant” or becoming a millionaire in 3 easy steps are usually ways that we let our lizards run amuck in our own heads.  We at Rewire may recommend investing yourself in something more akin to reality.  Don’t feed the Lizard anymore than it needs!