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When I first started Rewire, I used to get this question all the time: "What does Rewire do? What's your elevator pitch?" And, truth be told, I would wince (hopefully not visibly) every time I got these questions. Two reasons:

  1. Most of the truly transformational thoughts and opportunities in my life haven't presented themselves in the span of an elevator ride. So trying to cram my passion into what can be said in 30 seconds tends to simultaneously distort what I'm actually trying to do with Rewire while not really generating any new transformational opportunities for either me or the person on the receiving end of my "elevator pitch."
  2. Truthfully, I wasn't very good at explaining what Rewire does in a clear and concise way yet.

Over time, I've gotten better at answering this question.  I don't think I'll ever get it down to elevator ride length, but hopefully this piece (and accompanying video) help.



There is something deep inside each of us that longs for things in this world. We long to have success, we long to have possessions, and we long for deep and meaningful relationships and so forth. There is a billboard on the freeway close to my home that displays the most recent winnings for the lottery. I don’t play the lottery and I have been outspokenly against the inherit mindset of believing that you or I could be that one and lucky person. I have often pondered what it is in people that they would be so naïve to think that this could be them. And yet, when I drive by that billboard I inevitably play the “What would I do with $300 million?” game in my head! Notwithstanding that I am vehemently against playing the lottery myself, I cannot help but fantasize about the winnings.


The lottery, like most gambling, can be so alluring because it doesn’t just promise something that we innately desire, but it allows us to have what desire in a way that our minds deeply desire: ease. Ahh….what it would be like to have a financial gain with little to no effort. Whether we want to admit it out loud or not, the human brain longs for ease and the comfort of possessions. If we can have both, then our brain tells us that this would be an unending source of joy.

Yes, this is part of the lizard brain and if we let it live loudly in us and it is never questioned, then unfortunately we will succumb and buy or play or work or live in a way that has virtually no path towards ever creating lasting and meaningful change.


Recently, Rewire created a small video that I would like to present to you here about this very thing. We did our best to poke a little fun at something that runs in our veins deeply.


We are as committed as ever to help companies and individuals experience authentic and sustainable change. Through growing awareness, we can make these changes and I am so grateful to be a part of this team of people who are helping plant the seeds of such great change. Enjoy the video.


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