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If you find yourself in a place in life where you feel like you need motivation to accomplish something we have the answer.

Just kidding. That’s not really the way we approach such deep things, but we do have a good question or two. Good questions, by the by, can lead to good answers if you will let them.


So here’s the question: What are you doing to put yourself in a position to have an epiphany? (Or, put another way) What activity can you do that increases your odds at having a revelation about yourself?


And here’s why you’d do that:


A revelation about yourself can create a mental connection strong enough that you would be willing to forgo an existing comfort. If we can keep that connection ,we may be willing to pass on the comfort long enough to go to the gym, or make more sales calls, or reach out to new people, or even start a new business, or whatever.  If you do this for even a little while, you could begin to see improvement and, according to the age-old idiom, “seeing is believing.”


Believing that you can get better at something is one of the key core pillars to inside out motivation. The issue I have been having lately is that, until I spent some time pondering how one just attained belief, it felt empty to tell people to just go “believe” they could improve. In his book Drive, Daniel Pink calls this “Mastery.”  And he spells out that motivation comes from this idea that you can master something. We call that belief.  But here’s the deeper dynamic that has to be addressed at some point: Both of these concepts need an impetus, a beginning.


So today I offer the beginning. I don’t know that I am 100% right that belief is a starting point of inside out motivation. And I’d like to remind everyone that “The Wireboard is a place where we think out loud about the intersection of growth, change, and work.” So I would welcome your comments and thoughts on this in the comments section below. But I have a strong suspicion that if you want to improve, then you will have to let go of an existing comfort and one way we’ve found to do this is through epiphanies.


So back to my question:  What are you doing to put yourself in the way of an epiphany?  Our hope here at Rewire is that you’ll take that question and sit with it. Maybe sit with it long enough that it actually causes you to do something different than you are currently doing.