Get Started

Changing it up.  Again.

So here we go.  I will make this “written” post short and sweet. Today we are rolling-out our first go at a video post on our blog.  In the world of social media, video blogs are on the order of archaic; hardly new.


Now, I wanted to be one of the first that came out with life-sized, full-spectrum hologram blogs (like Princess Leia in the first Star Wars – “Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re our only hope”) but, as it turns out, we actually don’t know how to do that.  So here is our first video blog.


Today's blog is just an introduction.  Hopefully it will give you a taste of what we are doing in our live events and in the coming weeks we will be offering out some other videos that highlight some key principles of the Lizard Brain and R.E.W.I.R.E., etc.


I would like to point out that we are new to video blogging and, as many of you know, "new" challenges the Lizard within.  We must be practitioners of our own message, though, so here it is. Feel free to leave me a message in the comments section.


Hope you have a great weekend.  May Rest and Peace be yours in abundance.



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