Get Started


We just recently completed a key project at Rewire, but not long after the completion, I realized that we didn't really have a solid plan for how we might deploy it.

Just between you and me, I'll admit that it was a little embarrassing.  But, as I reflect on it, the truth is that the opposite dynamic is worse and our Lizard Brains often want us to do the opposite.


The "opposite" I am speaking of is the incessant and ubiquitous “Ready Aim, Ready Aim, Ready Aim” approach.  It’s funny how we can miss executing a plan -- all in the spirit of wanting to make sure that the plan is implemented perfectly.  But this is the Lizard through and through.  Of course we should both plan and execute, but incessant planning and preparing is often nothing shy of a coping/stalling mechanism for deep-seated fear.


Today we got The Rewire Lounge off the ground and we are running with it.  We know there are a few bugs, and we know it isn't all we want it to be yet.  But it is there and because of that we will be able to help a great deal of people.  And for that we are excited!


What plan in your world needs a dose of “just get it going?”  I say get it fired up and tweak it later.  This will be a principle we stick to at Rewire (particularly considering the last "e" in Rewire stands for Execute).  We can’t have a version 2.0 if version 1.0 never gets off the ground.  We hope you go to our site ( and visit The Lounge.  It’s the link in the upper right corner. Come make a difference with us.