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Rewiring our minds is no easy task.  I am not kidding about this.  Not easy.  In fact, the day I write a blog or content for a workshop in which I conclude that there are 3 easy steps, or 5 simplified laws to changing the way we think, you have my permission to quit me.*

When it comes to changing how we think, please know that there really aren't easy steps.  In fact, changing how we think often requires a supernatural amount of courage.  But  this leads me to a question:  "Where does courage come from?"  Are we supposed to just have that?  Because I find myself reading things all the time that say stuff like "just have courage!"  And I think to myself "Really?  Just go have courage?  That's all there is to it?"


The interesting thing is that there aren't many thought leaders, books or workshops making suggestions about




we go do that.  




we need courage to change is not in debate.  But how?  Uhhhh....


Is it through knowledge acquisition?  Is courage just a feeling that comes to us randomly?  What if we discovered that possessing courage is more of a choice than we ever thought?  And here's the radical part of my blog today:  I'm not going to tell you how to go get it.  Rather, I am going to ask you to think about what you believe about it.  Because I've become convinced that thinking about this could be part of the solution.


For those of you following the blog, you may have noticed that we're big on awareness around here. And so, irrespective of what you think right now about the source of courage, I know you'll be closer to it if you spend some time attending to what you actually think about courage.


Peace to you.  Have joy this weekend.



*Author's note: OK, I suppose you could quit me if you want anyway, but I hope you don't.