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Balance in life is elusive and I've never really met anyone that has attained it. There. I've finally said it.  What a weight off my shoulders!

Now, before you start thinking of sending me some strongly-worded retort, please understand that I am not saying that we can't go through seasons where we don't experience some semblance of peace in a few areas of life, but our world has a way of throwing curve balls at us and right when you think you are in some sweet spot, you will have to contend with something. I have seen that striving towards balance is a good thing, but hitting it (at least for any period of time) is not reasonable. 


Thus, I'm going to re-term this pursuit in way that will actually help us.


Let's re-term and re-think instead of  "Life Counterbalance."  We will have times when we are doing too much in one area and not enough in another. It is critical to be aware of when our work-life balance is off kilter.  For our overall health, I think it is important to accept that we shouldn't have unrealistic and unattainable goals. We needn't feel bad when we don't hit this ridiculous target of balance.  What we need is to believe that everyday we possess the power to evaluate where we are and make corrections.  What part of your life is right where you want it to be and what aspect needs some attention?  That's the question for us all heading into the weekend.


busy person's guide to work-life balance