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You’re a highly driven mortgage loan officer looking to grow your sales immensely. You’ve attended the seminars, the workshops, the luncheons. You know all about managerial techniques, and you know exactly how to be a better loan officer. In fact, you’ve probably been coached as much as a Major League team.


So when you hear mindset coach, you may be thinking you’ve heard it all before.  But a mindset coach, by definition, will help you think differently so that you can act differently.


Mortgage Loan Officer Mindset Coach

The Coach You Think You Need

Other coaches, in their quest to help you reach your business goals, might give you specific tasks. They might say, “Call 30 clients this week,” then follow up to make sure you did it. This approach centers around accountability, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing!


In fact, accountability has its time and place. It might even be what you need early in your career as a mortgage loan officer. You might be looking for a drill sergeant on your shoulder to tell you what you should be doing and when. Accountability coaching can certainly help with that: it gets you started on your path.


Accountability coaches help entry level LOs, but it’s almost never the only thing LOs need. What accountability often fails to do is lead to authentic, sustainable change. It’s too prescriptive, not systemic, and, frankly, a little limited—like putting a Band-Aid over a bullet wound. We go deeper so that you can fix the issue long-term.


The Coach You Need

Mortgage loan officer mindset coaches go beyond that. We’re not here to be your babysitter or to hold your hand. If you’re coming to a mindset coach for help, chances are that you know how to do your job. If that’s the case, then the coach telling you what to do won’t help you at all. We empower people by telling them, "You know what it is you have to do; you’re just not doing it, so we need to help you figure out why."


No hand-holding! No babysitters! Not here to teach managerial techniques or the ins and outs of becoming better at your job. It’s more catering to veterans that want to make more money and rediscover the motivation they once had.


Environment of Insight

If a mindset coach can help you understand why you’ve developed your work habits, or why you’ve lost motivation, then we can actually create change for you. Helping people understand the reason behind their habits or their lack of motivation is what will make all the difference.


Many loan officers who seek a mindset coach’s services want to make more money or increase their production volume. Again, they usually know what they need to do to achieve this goal, but the methods they’ve been using for years aren’t cutting it anymore. They come to us hoping to find a new system that will help them reach their full potential. Our job is to develop that system.


That’s really what a mindset coach does: they build an environment of insight. We find the root of the problem, and then we work with you until we can send you off on your way to new success.


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