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empty loan pipeline man alone pipe.jpg“My Pipeline is looking scarce again”


This is something I’ve heard from countless

mortgage professionals that have been in the industry for a few years. And while it’s not a good place to be, the first step to resolving the problem of an empty loan pipeline is recognizing that you have one. 

It’s this “recognition” that can actually begin the journey to address the problem and keep your pipeline healthy and full.

When we come to realize that our pipeline has dwindled, the only thing we can do is look back and make an honest study about what was not happening one, two and even three months ago. This is especially relevant in the first quarter of almost every year. A closer look might reveal that too many people simply took their foot off the gas in Q4 of the previous year. The holidays almost always take their toll and there is also a fervent rush to close things out for the year. Furthermore, many referral partners and borrowers alike are going through their own end of the year stuff. And all of this adds up to letting go of some reins that can make for an anemic pipeline in Q1.

But outside of a time machine, there is little we can do this quarter except look back, evaluate and take action to mitigate this annual occurrence.  I would recommend putting something in your calendar for Q4 of this year to mitigate this annual occurrence. A Q4 challenge, some new disciplines, a commitment to daily touches and face-to-faces, perhaps.


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Four Actions To Fill Up An Empty Pipeline

Don’t let it take you by surprise again. Unless you’re in an industry that takes October through December off, Q4 happens every year. I don’t mean to sound snarky, but if we know that Q4 happens every year and we know that it has some challenges for us, then I would recommend calendaring some strategies to counteract this: Calendar yourself a Q4 challenge, set a reminder for some new disciplines, amp up your support structures for follow-through on things like daily touches with your database and face-to-faces for example.

Focus on relationships. This may fall under the “duh” category, and yet we can still be more diligent in getting back in the swing by making calls, visits and setting up face-to-face meetings. The trick here is to focus on them and not on your needs. Reach out with a plan to find out how they are kicking off the year and what they are excited about. Genuine curiosity and an authentic desire to be helpful is always welcome and will start paying dividends soon enough.

Focus on systems. How many times throughout the year do you wish you would adhere to the systems you have developed? Maybe you need to develop some of your own. Take this time to go back to some basics. In some cases, you may even need to sit down and document and plan for some systems you have always wanted. Do you need to update your social media presence or refresh some other marketing plan? Do you need to evaluate and/or update any processes in the loan flow? Now is the time.

Get healthy. This one may seem out in left field, but nothing may hinder your ability to do loans more than a lack of health. Are you getting enough sleep? Are you exercising? When we feel better about ourselves physically, it will enhance our capacity to serve others.

There are certainly other ways to rebuild a pipeline, but these are three fundamentals that, when executed, will bring you back on track for the year. Let’s Rewire!


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