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Have you ever had a sequence of events happen around you that are so insane that it makes you consider how life exists on planet earth? I am so very sorry that Gary Larson (the famous Farside cartoonist) hung up his hat because we so desperately need his sense of humor in our lives at moments like this.

It has been very active early this year here at Rewire. From workshops to keynotes to consulting meetings, my calendar has been booked delivering the message that we can indeed change and that our Lizard Brain does not have to rule over us. We have been blessed to bring this message to many great people around the country and provide a path to authentic, sustainable transformation.


In order to get this message out, however, we like to be present with people — and that means traveling.  And traveling means airlines. And the airline industry offers a wide assortment of opportunities to take a good look at yourself.  Bungled communications, broken planes, poor service and frustration as far as the eye can see appear, from time to time, to be the norm for the airline industry.


Which brings us to this morning. I so needed Gary Larson this morning to draw a cartoon for me, or rather, OF me. A cartoon that showed me flying from a great event, in which I helped people see their Lizard Brain only to encounter my own Lizard Brain in full force as I dealt with a sequence of airline mishaps that would have caused even the most seasoned traveler to snap!


Thank goodness one of our core convictions it to practice our own message, and so I was able to do just that. I took the opportunity to see my own reactions to situations in which I had no control and to watch others as they also felt out of control.  It was because I was able to view this happening that I didn’t snap. In the not-so-distant past, I would have.  Though still early in my own journey, it is great to be on a different trail - one that allows me to observe my emotions and the events that trigger them. One that allows me to go on a different path.


These opportunities to put into practice our deeper understanding of ourselves are not rare: they are at work, at home with our families, at restaurants and most-certainly on airplanes (or boarding areas, or airport security screening, or check-in desks, or…).


There is a peace that is transcending my understanding even as I help others reach for theirs. We hope to see you soon in one of our workshops. The road we are inviting others on is full of hope and peace. It’s not an easy road, but it is good.