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I want to take this opportunity to welcome Carrie Guarrero to the Rewire team.  At some point I may write about Carrie’s strengths and all she brings our growing table, but today I mostly want to point out what it took for Carrie to come to the conclusion that she will leave her job (and a great job and fine company it was, indeed) and come work with us at Rewire.


Dr. Henry Cloud wrote a wonderful book called Necessary Endings and while it is quite an extensive work on how we must go through endings in order to have beginnings. I mostly want to point out how he speaks to the courage that is required to actually put something down that we know so well to begin something we don’t.  Familiarity is a powerful force of our Lizard Brains and one that we don’t easily get away from.  If you are ever going to walk away from something familiar, say a bad habit (or even something that is good but not great), then we must draw upon something even deeper than our cognitive minds – namely our reservoir of courage.

What is it that you need to put down and stop?  What is it that you need to courageously begin and hold on to?  I speculate that we have more courage than we know for such things. Our mindset coaches are experts at identifying what you need to quit and how to quit. 


What Carrie has done can be a great model for us all.  Now, I am not implying you should quit your job, but I am implying that you should quit something.  There is no other way to go and do something great if we don’t stop doing something mediocre or worse.  Please bear in mind, however, that those mediocre things are often comfortable and familiar.


Ah, the courage to begin anew.  You have more of it than you know.  Welcome Carrie.  May your time with us be blessed.


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