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What a year it has been!

I hope that you get some time at the end of this year to sit back, relax and simply consider your blessings.  And that’s not just me wishing you well. I truly hope you really spend some intentional time pondering the good that happens around you. Because how quickly and pervasively do so many of us long to get back to the strivings in the year ahead? There will be a time (and it’s coming soon enough) to ponder, plan, strategize and thrive in the new year to come. Executing on these plans is certainly something we are proponents of here at Rewire.


But resting and enjoying and investing in others are also a part of the plan for sustainable growth, so we hope that this time of the year provides for those things in abundance.


We often speak of the Lizard Brain here at Rewire and how this part of us needs to be quieted in order for us to live mindfully and “fully alive.” But there is also a good side to the Lizard Brain. Traditions that bring us comfort and peace are also ways that the brain habituates and this is the good side of the lizard.


Whatever your traditions are this year, may you enjoy them with reckless abandon.  May you bring peace and joy to someone else, and may your heart and mind be stilled at some point here as we finish the year.  Taking the time to slow down and just “be” is a great tradition.


Cheers to the lizards out there making space in this time of year for the good.