Get Started

This short video from the Discovery Channel shares a few of the many benefits physical activity provides: reduce anxiety, improve your memory, and get better sleep as a result of being physically active throughout the day.

And as the video mentions, this can be a challenge with the amount of desk and computer work most of us do. So, let's see if we can make this easier.

7 simple ways to rewire your brain by being physically active at work or home today:

  1. Park farther away from your building and use the distance to get some more walking in.
  2. Are you on a teleconference? Who says you have to sit for that? The people on the phone won’t know if you’re standing up or doing a few deep knee bends during the call.
  3. Take the stairs instead of the elevator at least once today.
  4. Got a message for someone? Why not get up and walk to their desk to talk with them? Replacing emails and phone calls with face-to-face communication is a great way to improve your work relationships while increasing your physical activity.
  5. Volunteer to make the coffee or lunch run.
  6. Multiply the effect by having some of your staff meetings standing up. This keeps us from being sedentary AND it will give the meeting an extra sense of energy!
  7. “As long as you’re up…” In this step, we take things we already have to get up for (going to the restroom, grabbing something off the copier, etc.) and add on a short walk. So, for example, while you’re already walking to the printer, just take a detour around the floor or building your office is in.

If you’d like to make it even easier to start gaining physical wellness, you’re invited to join the community of like-minded professionals who are coming together at The Rewire Retreat this year with the common goal of improving the connection between our physical wellness and business growth.

Do you have any go-to's for getting a little extra physical activity in your day? Let us know in the comments section!

video credit: Discovery Channel News