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Welcome to the Rewire blog. After much deliberation and 74 meetings we chose to call the blog Solderings. I really like the name, in part, because the pronunciation of that word is much different than its spelling. Furthermore, the word "solderings" itself is not actually a word. Solder (saw-dur) is both a noun and a verb and fundamentally describes the joining of wires with an instrument to create one solid new connected wire. Rewiring our minds is a similar process and it is our hope and purpose, in fact, to be able to do this with many organizations and individuals for years to come.

So sign up for the blog and go tell 3000 of your closest friends about solderings. We will be updating the blog regularly and will be addressing all things Rewire. We hope that the name of our blog bugs you a little. Please tell us about that. We further hope that it sparks some deeper thinking about a way (or many ways) for you to consider how you need to rewire in order to get somewhere you haven't been before. We all need some soldering. And it is our desire that through the blog and our firm you can find a way to make some amazing new connections.


Welcome to Rewire!