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A variation of the same question has been in front of me and the other Rewire Specialists lately, both in our workshops and in our OneWire sessions. And when the same question pops up over and over again, we pay attention here at Rewire. So I wanted to take this week’s article to tackle this thing that seems to be on everyone’s mind. Here’s the question:

Jason, what is the best time-management app for me to use?


But it’s not just time-management. This “what’s the best _________?” has many different variations. Here’s a sample of the variations we get often at Rewire:

  • What is the best technique for me to make more sales?
  • What’s the best book for me to read on staying motivated?
  • What’s the best exercise for me to lose weight?
  • What’s the best technique for me to be less stressed?

You get my drift here.


About a year ago, I was exposed to what I have found to be the best answer yet to these questions. I have experimented with this answer myself and have found it to be quite useful. So useful in fact that I started trying it out with clients who experienced amazing results from it. When you hear it, you may be underwhelmed by its simplicity, but like many simple things in life, it just plain works if you allow it to. Ready? Here it is:

The best ___________ is the one that you will use.

See, I told you. If we were face to face right now, you would probably be pursing your lips at me as if to say, "Come on man! Give me something I can use now. Be specific with me. I want what works the best and the quickest.” And I hear you. But the fact remains, until you make a decision to pick something — anything really — and go with it, nothing happens and nothing changes. So work with me here and let’s test this answer out and see what happens.


Jason, what is the best time-management app for me to use?  

The one that you will use and not move on to something else because you got distracted or bored or overwhelmed with. If you need more input before you choose this app, you'll want to check out our other articles on time-management


What is the best technique for me to make more sales? 

The one that you will use consistently until you have given it enough time and effort to result in sales over the coming weeks and months, instead of throwing it out after a week with no results.


What’s the best book for me to read on staying motivated? 

The one that you will read and then actually use the ideas from in your own life instead of reading and then looking for the next best book to be motivated by.


What’s the best exercise for me to lose weight? 

The one that is simple enough for you to understand and stick with long-term, enough for you to see authentic change from.


What’s the best technique for me to be less stressed? 

The one that you use and give enough time and space to allow it to work for you.


Here is the point of my writing this article for you today: You could spend your time continuing to search for the perfect answer to your question or you could make the decision to pick an answer and stick with it, allowing you to realize results. Our observation is that most people continue with the searching phase and never really get to the execution phase which is what allows for authentic and sustainable results. Today I implore you to be different, be bold, take a stand and pick a time-management app, settle on a sales technique, choose a motivational book, pick an exercise or stress-relieving technique and start now, realizing the results from making the choice to use something (anything really) now.


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Note: If you read this article, you were probably looking for the answer to what really is the best time-management app out there. Now that you’re done reading the article, go right now and choose what time-management app or technique you will start using today and let us know in the comment section how it works out for you.