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We've been sharing this video featuring Atul Gawande around the Rewire offices lately. Role of coaching improvement growthAnd it's not just that he's a proponent of coaching to improve mindsets and outcomes in our work. It's that he's seeking to answer a question that is absolutely vital to the work we all do every day. The question is, "How do people improve in the face of complexity?" And for those who don't improve, how does that happen?


That's an important question for all of us as we look to grow and improve in our work, but this question is especially poignant given the stakes that Dr. Gawande is working with in this video: actual lives hanging in the balance of whether or not people can improve their responses to challenges in the course of their work.


So, whether you're a doctor or a dairy farmer; a loan officer or a librarian; whether you're just starting your career or you've been at it for a while, this work from Dr. Gawande charts a path towards growth for all of us in our work. Enjoy, and hit us up in the comments if you have thoughts or questions!



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