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Hey everybody, we made it onto a list!


Last month, Entrepreneur magazine recognized Rewire as one of America’s best entrepreneurial companies by including us on their annual Entrepreneur 360 list. In their words, we are a “well-rounded company that has mastered a balance of impact, innovation, growth, and leadership.” For anyone interested, HERE is where the magazine talks about how they made their selections and what it means to be on the list. If you want to see the complete ranking of the companies that made the list, click HERE (We’re #239 by the way... I wonder if that’s good or bad?).


Normally on The Wireboard, we write about work and unique approaches to fostering sustainable growth. But we’re taking a moment this week to write about Rewire as we grow and do our work in the world. And I’m doing that for 3 reasons:

  1. If you’re subscribed to The Wireboard, then you’ve been getting a small sampling of the work we do every day and you’re connected to us. So, we’d love to celebrate with you! It’s cool to be on these kinds of lists! Now, we did not go into business so people would say that we are good, or trendy, or groovy, but we won’t turn down the opportunity for the recognition either. Thank you, Entrepreneur magazine!
  2. Our clients really like us a lot and tell us often, but this listing is an independent source saying essentially, “hey, you people over there at Rewire are doing something worth mentioning.” That makes our team’s serotonin and oxytocin flow and we thought it might do the same for you. What is serotonin and oxytocin you ask? Well, they are just two of the most important chemicals that your brain produces, that’s all. Click HERE for a fun and easy guide to your brain’s happy chemicals.
  3. One of our core values at Rewire is practicing what we invite our clients to practice. This ranking is one confirmation that we are leading each other internally through the approaches to change that result in positive growth. There are days where change and growth do not come easy. Those are the days where we feel overwhelmed, stretched, and even prone to self-doubt from time to time. Because of our core value of practicing what we invite our clients to practice, we have internal programs where we coach each other just like we coach our clients, we hold each other accountable to things like mindfulness practices, taking care of aspects of our wellness, leadership practices, and even investing in others. These programs are not easy and finding time for them can be challenging in itself. But because they are the way we execute on this core value, we press on and attempt to continually sharpen and hone in the midst of the challenge. 

Thanks for being a part of our growth. We’re just getting started…


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