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Hello everyone. I’m Jason and I’m the newest member of the Rewire team. Let’s say it’s a Monday morning in January. It’s the beginning of the week and the grind of your life is grinding along, and your Lizard Brain wants to kick your New Year’s resolutions upside the head. For many of us that certainly is the case – especially when it comes to that News Year’s resolution piece. According to a two-year study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, only 8% of us are actually successful at achieving our New Year’s resolutions. And since the parking lot at the YMCA looked only about 8% full this morning, I would say that those researchers have their facts straight. But I want to ask, “Why is that?“

Cause it’s hard to keep those dang resolutions, that’s why!
It’s hard to quit smoking.
It’s hard to make more sales calls.
It’s hard to wake up a little earlier to make sure yours is one of the cars in the parking lot at the Y (Hello, Lizard Brain!).
It’s hard to put down the beer bottle and pick up the glass of water.
And it’s real hard to forgive your Dad for that thing when you were a kid (yep, I went there).


Here at Rewire, we agree that it is indeed hard. We are not shying away from the constant struggle that we as an organization or you as an individual have with our Lizard Brains hammering us to just take the familiar and easy road. And while we can all agree that it is hard, we are committed to taking that hard road anyway. At the end of that road is a person who has quit smoking or has released their Dad for that thing. At the end of that road is freedom.


So no matter what day of the week it is, for 92% of us our New Year’s resolution is already kicked to the curb. I’m here to tell you that’s ok for yesterday, but not for today. We are here to come along beside you on that hard road. We will keep sharing ideas to help you navigate around the obstacles in your head that lead to the success and change you desire. So start now Lizard Brain! And if you so desire, let us know what you started today. You know, today, the best day in the world to Start Now!