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Start Now is a book for the young adult who wants to successfully prepare for the journey of life ahead.
Set yourself up to thrive through whatever life throws your way. This fun, easy-to-read guide serves as the passport that will help you...

• Be the person you want to be, without alienating others
• Experience diverse friendships with people you love being around
• Stay organized and maintain simplicity in a distracted and messy world
• Reach your goals in ten smart steps
• Negotiate for anything you want in life
• Create your own million-dollar plan

The concepts in this book have worked consistently for author Jason Abell year after year, and they have worked for those he has led and coached for over 25 years. They will work for you too, but you have to take the first step. Start Now!


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Jason Abell

Jason is a speaker and coach with demonstrated success in emotional intelligence and brain based leadership. After 21 successful years in mortgage banking, he joined Rewire in order to focus on his passion of helping people and companies become the best they possibly can. He now coaches leaders toward authentic and sustainable growth in their work, and leads workshops on topics ranging from sales and leadership to emotional intelligence and the Rewire method of mindset coaching.

Jason earned his BA from Loyola University Maryland and his MBA from Johns Hopkins. He, along with his wife Amy, founded Sadie’s Gift in 2007, a non-profit that has raised over $875,000 for the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center. He wrote Start Now: The Young Adult’s Passport to Success and Well-Being while still in college.