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i do but i dont-1

The title of today's post is a direct quote from my son, JJ, when my wife asked him if he wanted to play with his Lego set. For some context, this quote was first spoken several years ago when he was 3 and sitting on the couch in our living room. JJ just loved (and still loves) playing with his Legos. What he was saying to us was “I do” want to play Legos, “but I don’t” want to get off the couch, go downstairs, get out the box of Legos, get set up at the table, open up the plastic packages, and pour all the pieces on the table just to play.

Sound familiar?

  • “I do” want to increase my sales, "but I don’t" want spend the time it takes to build a better database.
  • “I do” want to exercise, "but I don’t” want to get up an hour and a half earlier to do so.
  • “I do” want to be a better husband, "but I don’t” want to turn off the game and listen to how my wife's day was.
  • “I do” want to move up in my career, "but I don’t” want to put in the hours to learn that new thing that will help me.

I’m sure you can fill in your own “I do, but I don’t” statement. I mean, we’ve all had “I do, but I don’t” moments in our lives.


So what is it about us that “does but doesn’t”?


Our Lizard Brains! You had to know we would get here eventually!


Your Lizard Brain likes the familiarity of where you are today and will fight you hard if you think you want to break out of that familiar place and go to another place. Even if that place includes something that you desire badly or that place has something good for you waiting to help you in some way.


I want you to know that you are normal when this happens to you. But if you want something different for yourself, then try this out for size: Today, start thinking about what that “something different” is for you. Your thought process of first identifying what those things are in your life and then starting to change your language from “I do, but I don’t” to “I do and I will.”  That is the start of something special. And starting is fun! You and I both know it's only a start and there will be more steps, but getting where you want to go has to start somewhere.


You’ll be happy to know that 10 year old JJ still says “I do, but I don’t” from time to time, but he also says “I do and I can!" I think he is starting to kick his Lizard Brain around a little. Are you?



P.S. I think kids say some of the most profound things without ever knowing it. Please leave me a note in the comments section with any "gems" a child has given you. I'd love to hear 'em!