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The picture for this article is of water taken from the "Fountain of Youth."  You can tell it's the real deal because it comes in an actual plastic bottle and even has a cartoon likeness of Ponce de León on it!  Bottled water aside, I don’t think the Fountain of Youth is a real thing.  I hope that doesn't burst anyone's bubble.  Best I can understand, there is a 100% chance that you will get old.  Granted, you can buy some creams that promise that you will look like Cindy Crawford for a while, but even she will eventually look like the rest of us will: old.

Now, I know that is a rather bleak way to begin an article, but we can now spend the remainder of this article considering something more positive.


As it turns out, we have an uncanny ability to see the world anew.  In fact, the very word "rejuvenation" means "to see with youthful eyes."  This is one of the many benefits of working with Rewire – we help people see new ways to solve old problems.  And it helps to know that the brain is completely capable of doing this.


In the vast field of the brain sciences, this capability is called "neuroplasticity" and is being researched on an ongoing basis. Neuroplasticity, generally speaking, is the brain's way of adapting itself. For instance, we now know that if someone is stricken with blindness, the brain compensates by adapting greater auditory capacity.  Should you lose your right arm in an accident, your brain will quickly teach itself how to be much more adept at left-handed activity.


But neuroplasticity has incredible implications beyond just these dire circumstances. It means that, because you have an uncanny capacity to influence how your brain configures and reconfigures itself, that you have the ability to look at an old problem with a fresh set of eyes? So while you may not be able to stop all the wrinkles around your eyes, it has got to be great news that, irrespective of your age, you possess the ability to see things newly.  This is yet one more powerful reason to Rewire!!


How many challenges in your life right now could be helped if only you could learn how to see these challenges with rejuvenated eyes?


There is no drinking from the Fountain of Youth, but there absolutely is seeing through it.