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Rewire has been on a tear lately getting the concepts of “Lizard Brain Control” into the hands of many in this first quarter. It’s been incredibly rewarding to watch people’s minds shift as we work with them in sessions. Learning the ongoing lesson of how to effectively understand and subsequently control this part of your brain called the Lizard Brain is proving for many to be nothing short of life-changing.

When we start working with people, one of the common hurdles we have to get over is this idea that there’s an easy process for transforming your work. Oh, how I wish there was an easy 3-Step method here!


The simple truth is that there is no such method (which is easily proved by the fact that, if there were, we simply wouldn’t have any bad habits). If stilling the Lizard Brain were easy, you would never have any pet peeves, nothing would bother you and stress and anxiety would be forever and permanently out of your life. Productivity, motivation, teamwork and communication would all come as easily as taking a breath. Does that sound even remotely like something on planet Earth?


Here at Rewire we continue to develop strategies for individuals and companies on how to understand and “still” (not kill) the inner lizard. Remember that when this part of your brain is highly active, you will more-easily succumb to bad habits, repetitive autocratic behavior and a host of other actions and patterns that hold you back from becoming the best version of you.


One such strategy is allowing enjoyment back into your life. Learn to play again.  For many out there, this is not an issue. But it has been our experience that so many people, as they age, simply stop doing things that they once enjoyed.  When you don’t regularly engage in activities you enjoy, you simultaneously give room for the dark side of the lizard to be activated in your thinking and action.


If you have attended one of our workshops, you know exactly what I am referring to. If not, just trust me on this one. Build enjoyment back into your life. Play again and let yourself have fun now and again.


Even thinking about enjoyment changes the neural pathways in your brain — which will, in turn, still your Lizard Brain.


Can’t wait to hear what you do with this. What are you going to enjoy?