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A close friend of mine recently attended one of our workshops and was deeply impacted by her experience and response to our time together.  Upon re-entering her environment at home, she told a few friends about her time and the nature of our work and hers at the event.  This is wonderful as we love it when people share about what they experienced at our workshops.  Even better, we've seen people multiply their development when they get their community and colleagues involved with their growth in response to our programs.  Overall, she received very favorable feedback as a result of her work.

However, one of her friends, upon hearing the name of our company, told her that she thought the name was cool but that she didn’t “get it.”  She asked my friend to answer the following question: "Rewire so that I can…  what?"

So my friend, in an attempt to answer her friend’s question, approached me and very directly asked me, “Steve, Rewire so that I can…. what?”

I'm a fan of good questions.  And that question is a great one. So the rest of this article is going to serve as a David Letterman-style "Top 10 list" that will serve as my best answer to that question.  I hope that in doing so, you too can know the power of Rewiring your mind.

Rewire so that I can:

  1. Live in a way that is closer to my original calling.
  2. Understand specific behavioral patterns so I can capitalize on good ones and mitigate the bad ones.
  3. Become a better spouse/child/parent/friend.
  4. So I can begin and sustain healthy habits of exercise and nutrition.
  5. So that I an learn or re-learn the art of rest.
  6. Curtail avoidable and unneeded stress in life.
  7. Close the gap between my intentions and my actions.
  8. Deeply understand myself and learn how this understanding can free myself and others around me.
  9. Contribute to the ones I love more significantly and thus leave a greater legacy.
  10. Take numbers 1 through 9 and see how they positively impact my work - both in quality and quantity

And I shall stop at 10.

 The more I thought about this list, the more I realized that the reason it was difficult for my friend to answer is because the reason(s) someone would endeavor to “Rewire” their mind is about as varied as the human experience itself.  I couldn’t (and can't) offer some exhaustive, irrefutable list because I simply do not know how deep the hole goes or even where it goes for some people. I can only tell my reasons for Rewiring and those that our clients have given us.

 I do know this:  Rewiring our minds seems necessary for any kind of authentic, sustainable change.

 So how 'bout it?  Why would you Rewire?  We’d love to hear about it.

 By the way, if you or anyone you know and care about is interested in any one of my top 10’s, please contact us at

 Cheers to the roads you will take.