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Photo: CC BY 2.0, Image by Andrea Sartorati


I recently conducted a workshop that was, by all measurements, a great success. And I should probably explain what I mean by “success.” I’m finding that I measure success less these days by how I think I did and more by how people responded and how passionately they choose to take the material and meld it into their business and their life.  The truest measure therefore will be seen in the days and weeks to come. I’m looking to see their sustainable and authentic growth. That, my friends, is where the magic really lies.

Prior to this event, I had a number of people ask me what the workshop was all about.  This question has been a challenge for us from the very beginning.  How does one go about describing an authentic Rewire?  How can we speak to a life’s work transformed as a result of someone willing themselves to actually think differently and not just try to take a specific action for a specific time?

That led me to wonder how we go about our lives in the things we say we want.  The truth is that there is a part of me (let’s go ahead and call it the Lizard Brain part of me) that actually wants to make more money. You can tell it’s my Lizard Brain because, when asked “How much more money?” my response is very ambiguous “A lot more!” What else does a part of me want? I really want to eat whatever I want, play whenever I want, sleep as much as I want and have great relationships with little to no exertion on my part. There!  I’ve said it. Those are the things that my own brain says it wants.

But here’s where I (and we) all need the Rewire: I have to repeatedly face the things that I need and then have awareness around the difference between those things I need and the things I just say I want.  

I do believe there is some middle ground and we here at Rewire are embarking upon some ways to blend the two together.  The things we want are not always bad, but if we could continually increase our awareness on the things that we need, our business and lives will all be better for it.  

 I know I need to get consistent exercise. I know I need to get quality rest. I know I need grow in my ability to release and forgive people and situations. I know I need to make more sales. These may or may not be the topics that cause us to purchase a book or a product. But I am realizing more and more that they are the very things I want to be investing in if I want to be part of the growing group of people who are realizing authentic transformation in their work and life.

I close today with the timeless wisdom of Mick Jagger:

“You can’t always get what you want.  But if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need.”