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Make more money, have more peace and get almost anything you want with this one uncomplicated action:

Turn away from comfort.  


For those of you who have become acclimated to judging the value of articles in 6 seconds or less, I thought I would put the point of this article in the first sentence so that you can determine quickly whether or not reading this will have any value for you at all.  If you choose to keep going, I hope to bring forth a topic that is not controversial, but I wish it were.


The human brain is incredibly complex.  Scientists all over the world have long studied and marveled over its unbelievable capacity for a seemingly limitless amount of processes, systems and functions. Among the brain’s chief functions is the desire for ease.  It would seem that, by design, we long to make habits because habits require so little energy and are thus really “easy.”


Breaking a habit is arguably one of the most difficult tasks known to humanity.  My most recent search in Amazon resulted in more than 25,000 titles with the word “habit” in them.  25,000 books that are doing their part in helping you break, start, stop, create, re-new or simply change a habit. I have no doubt that many of these books are written by some very smart people. The irony of many of the books I have read is that if you want to “sell” a book or even peddle an idea about something, you simply do what millions have done before you – namely, promise ease.  (C’mon now, doesn’t that make you laugh just a little?)


I don’t see many books with titles like “The Pain You Must Go Through In Order To Make Even The Simplest Of Changes In Your World.”  Get it? My guess is that’d be an awesome book that would never make it to the shelves because someone, somewhere would look at the author and advise them not to tell the world about how difficult change might be if you actually want people to buy the book!


Rewire is about helping people go through authentic, sustainable change.  In order to make almost any change in your life (big or small), you will have to give up some comfort.  However, since the brain detests the idea of giving up comfort, you will have to fight that in yourself if you want to actually make a change.


Practicing sacrifice, and the denial of comfort is (and has always been) your brain’s way of adopting change.  Join us on the journey.  There are a growing number of people ready and willing to adopt this.  Rewiring is not easy, but it is possible and when we sacrifice our comfort we can change in some amazing ways.