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When we think of making an investment in something it usually goes hand in hand with the expectation of receiving some kind of return. In the business or financial arena, this is referred to as return on investment (or ROI). Talk with any financial advisor and the mere mention of the word “investment” will inevitably bring up the word “return”.

But what kind of return can we expect when our investment is in something other than a financial vehicle?  What if we invest in people or we invest our time into some great cause?  Is the return measurable?  I am going to suggest it is not - at least not in the way that we are used to measuring returns.


Investing in the measurable and the immeasurable is crucial to rewiring your mind. At Rewire, we are committed to helping others become great investors in that which is tangible and measurable and that which is not, so…


This year, Rewire is “investing” in Sadie’s Gift – an organization dedicated to raising money and awareness for The Johns Hopkins Children’s Center. More specifically Sadie’s Gift helps very sick babies and children get better.


A few years back there was a beautiful baby girl born by the name of Sadie.  For reasons that will never be fully understood, Sadie caught an infection during the first few hours of her life and was rushed to Johns Hopkins where she lived for only 3 short days. You can read the full story HERE.


The parents of this miracle child decided to take their anguish and mourning, make something of it and thus they created Sadie’s Gift.  Since that time they have assembled a large team every year to run or walk in the Baltimore Running Festival for the purpose of coming together to celebrate Sadie’s life and to honor her brief stay here by raising needed funds to help other families with sick children. This October will see the 8th year of the team’s existence and though Sadie’s parents must re-live the death of their daughter over and over, they do it to help others. So we decided to help them. And there you have the investment!


If you are reading this, it is my unending hope that you will invest with us.  How?  Well, there are a couple of ways to invest and they are both uncomplicated:

  1. The least complicated thing one can do is simply click right HERE and give. Give to Team Sadie, give generously knowing that this simple grassroots collection of people is doing something to help a family and a child that you may never meet. Still, you would be helping in a big way.
  2. If you had the time and inclination, you could even join Team Sadie 2014 by clicking HERE. Run the race or walk it if you want. There is a 10K, a relay, a half marathon and even a full marathon all on the same day. Any way you dice it you will be investing!!!!

Like any good cause, telling Sadie’s story again and again can seem repetitive. This group of people does not tire of it one bit and here’s why: Because up to 700 babies a year get admitted into the Johns Hopkins NICU and in those particular moments nothing matters except the care and nurturing of the child and the family. By investing in Sadie’s Gift you directly give help to a sick child and you give hope to a family in their most desperate hour. If you can think of a greater place to invest then please do so. If not, then please join our investment. Be a part of it.  Your investing in this will have an effect on someone that will never be fully able to tell you how much they appreciate you. And along that road you grab a piece of peace and hope, too.