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Think back to the last time you took a math test. If your teacher was anything like mine, there was no "half-credit for trying." If you attempted a problem and got the solution incorrect, you got no credit and simply failed that question. The reason for that being that math is not about coming close to the right answer. It is an exact science. I remember wanting more mercy from my teacher for coming close to the right answer.

Many of us these days are trying to solve a different kind of equation – one that doesn't revolve around numbers but, rather, revolves around a state of being.  The solution that so many are pursuing is happiness.  I would like to suggest that, until we get the equation correct, we will rarely (if ever) solve the problem.


Our culture continues to teach bad math when it comes to happiness.  The equation I see floating around most often looks something like: More Stuff/Money + More Acclaim = Happiness. Notwithstanding the fact that scientific studies (like this one) and cultural stories (like these) repeatedly show that happiness is not the product of accumulation, we continue to pursue the wrong stuff. And so we are left with an unsolvable problem because the equation is set wrong.


Part of Rewiring our minds is learning to do away with this equation and pursue joy and happiness irrespective of wealth and accumulation. Happiness, we learn, is not part of an equation – it is a stand-alone solution.  It can be learned and we actually can Rewire our old ways of thinking and action (but not without some work to do away with the bad equation we have been taught and allow to direct our current thinking and action). Consider getting a mindset coach to help Rewire your thinking. What could this kind of Rewire mean to you?  Cheers to your path that will lead to authentic Joy.


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