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People that have chosen to develop the habit of regularly working out understand the value of a good sweat.  And as I work with clients, I talk about the value of a good sweat all the time.  But, at Rewire, we don’t simply recommend that people exercise so that they have a smaller waist, less fat or otherwise look better (though those byproducts certainly aren’t bad). Rather, we call for it because of what a good workout and a good sweat does for your mind.

There is a cleansing and a transformation of the mind that happens as a result of working out. What's ironic about this is that we have to push ourselves in a workout and go beyond comfort to achieve an even greater level of comfort in the aftermath.


If working out has become a part of your life, keep it up!  In fact, you may want to either change it up from time to time or even amp it up a little over time.  Another good next step is help someone else start up.  If sweating is not a part of your daily routine, what can we say…??? You can listen to us talk about the benefits, you can read about the benefits, you can even fully sign off on the benefits, but you will not actually GET the benefits until you go and do it.  Stop buying the lie that you don’t have time or that you don’t know how, or any other thing your Lizard Brain has been saying to you about working out.  What a life-changing habit this would be for you!


Come, join the party.  Your mind will change for the better as a result.


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