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Greetings, Lizards!  

We know it's only been 11 days since our last post, but a ton has happened in that time.  And before we move on and keep doing our thing here on the blog, we wanted to tell you about what we've been up to.


We have a new website. 


Now, some of you reading this are thinking "Uh...Longan, how do you think I'm reading this right now without being on your site already?"  But, there are a few hundred of you that are getting this post in your email inbox and thinking "I knew something looked a little different with this email!" So, this is for both of whichever group you fall into.


If you're already on our site, "Welcome!" If you haven't seen our new site yet, you oughta' head over and look around at  Seriously, go do it now!  I'll wait.....



Pretty cool right?  As a team that works together on challenging Lizard Brain (individually and collectively) and growing in our understanding of our own thinking in action, we're grateful for the process and really proud of what we've put on the website.  We feel like it reflects clearly what we believe and why we're so excited about what we get to do as collaborators in this company.  We really don't take time to talk about that in the blog because our first concern here isn't telling you about us as a company, but rather taking a few minutes to think productively together about how we transform our minds to transform our work to transform our lives.  


So, as we continue to grow and develop and think transformatively, that's what you can expect here on the blog.  We hope this will be a place that generates a lot of good dialogue (too scarce on the internet, for some reason) and positive, sustainable changes in our thinking and work.  We'd love to see you around the blog, so please subscribe to our blog if you haven't already.  Feel free to tell your colleagues and friends about the blog or drop us a line to say "Hi" or work with us more directly.  


We'll resume with our normal posting next week. We look forward to seeing you around!