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What is it that touches your heart and your soul?   This is such a critical question in our lives and my experience has been that we simply cannot ask it enough.  Rewire is a firm that is dedicated to helping people and corporations Rewire how they think.  We focus on how the physical brain works and then help others embrace the idea that we can, indeed, change.  So much of our emphasis is on the physiological aspect of our human brains and how it relates to change at the individual, corporate and cultural level.

And yet… change is still a mystery.  It is mysterious precisely because authentic, sustainable change does not come exclusively through our brains.  There is some component of change in us that is far less tangible and measurable.  I have yet to see the science behind how the human heart and soul have impact on how we change.  We simply know that it does.


So what is it in your life that touches and moves your heart?

  • Is it art?
  • Is it music?
  • Is it great friendships?
  • Is giving to others?
  • Is it your family?

Whatever it is for you, we implore you to be aware of how much of this you are allowing into your life.  Your awareness may be around what it is that blocks you from having this in your life.


We will go forth and keep hosting talks and workshops around the Lizard Brain and helping people conquer that part that is measurable.  None of what we do may make much sense if we don’t allow our hearts to be moved.  Change is a head/heart combo – always was, always will be.