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When it comes to getting somewhere that we want to go in our work or in our life, very often we need to stop something that we are currently doing. And the things that we are currently doing are sometimes the patterns of our life. These patterns can include our habits, our relationships, and for sure include our thoughts and state of mind.

For instance, when I entered into the world of entrepreneurship with Rewire, I needed to break my pattern of following a schedule that was set for me by Corporate America and instead learn to be much more self-disciplined about setting (and keeping) my own daily schedule. At some point in your own life, I'm sure you needed to break some existing pattern to get to where you wanted to go. For instance, some of you reading this may have broken the pattern of eating late at night in order to loose weight or sleep better. Or maybe you've broken the pattern of daily procrastination in order to make more sales calls during the day (which will have a positive effect on your income).


One of the things our mindset coaches do at Rewire is help people break their patterns in order to get to where it is that they want to go. As many of you reading this know, we do this pattern-breaking in our workshops and with our one-on-one work. But every once in a while we need to get a big old slap in the face, wake-up, cold-water-shower kind of pattern-breaking.  In response to that need, we have created The Rewire Retreat.


The Retreat

The Retreat is a 3-day event that we are holding this September on Coronado Island, California. Our main purpose with The Retreat is to take you out of daily patterns and walk you through a fun, meaningful, and life-changing program that is designed to get you where you want to go.


You will have the opportunity to think differently about your life and where you want to go and why. And while there won't be any actual slaps in the face or cold showers, you will be enjoyably stopped in your tracks by what you experience at The Retreat ("What's it like to be 'enjoyably stopped in your tracks'?" Trust me, it's a good thing.) We will facilitate your growth in thinking and the needed mindset to achieve in life without going way out of balance to do so.


You will meet others from around the country who have already done what it is that you want to do and you will be in the company of those that also desire to transform their work. You will experience the sunset in Southern California through a set of lenses that will expand your mind for greater things in your life and your work. Heck, you will even have the opportunity to train with a Navy Seal on the beach at dawn if you want to!

So please drop us a line in the comments section below and let us know how you break your patterns in life to have and achieve more. 

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