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Too Convinced

  Steve Scanlon     Nov 22, 2013


Rewiring our minds is often about challenging the manner in which we think about things.  For example, I used to think that being a "conviction-driven" person was a great thing.  Then I realized that it can also be very harmful if my so-called "convictions" are steeped in fallible thinking. I do not believe that we should swing some pendulum and not have convictions – that'd be no good either.  But I do have to wonder how our convictions can lead to prejudices and judgements; how claiming convictions serves our deep need to be right.  Being overly "conviction-driven" has led me down some crazy paths where, in the end, I don't listen to others and effectively judge them when they don't think exactly like I do.

Is it possible to hold fast to my beliefs and allow others to have theirs?  


I realized not long ago that this is an area of growth for me.  But, for the sake of awareness, I wonder how we might all grow from this?  Having convictions is good.  Allowing convictions to flourish into action is something my company helps people with everyday.  But I have found that "conviction-drivenness" can be a pretense in our minds for no longer listening to others and/or challenging our own thinking.


Emotional intelligence is, in part, the willingness and courage to think about how we think – even if it means calling into question the things we thought we were absolutely right about.


I'll end with a little etymology. The word conviction is a latin-based word that literally means "with victory."  That's great.  Winning is good.  Thinking about winning is fine too.  But steeping my thinking in a longing to be in the winner's circle?  Not so much.


Let's have convictions. Let's think with victory in mind. But let's also be aware of  when our convictions are short-circuiting the process for growth and interaction with others.  That's a rewiring we can use.

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Steve Scanlon

Written by Steve Scanlon

Steve Scanlon is the Founder and CEO of Rewire. He loves to see people change the way they think and enter new seasons of growth for their work. If you have a couple of hours, ask him about his new golf swing.

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