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Rewire Live Series: Control

By Steve Scanlon |   Jan 12, 2018

Quick video on control today.  As a concept, I think this is pretty simple: whenever we lack control, we feel at some level that our survival is threatened and we start reacting in all sorts of ways to try to regain control - or even just the illusion of control.

Vocational Wellness Is Key. Also, What's a "Vocation?"

By Steve Longan |   Apr 27, 2017

Welcome back to the Wellness Mini-Series! In this video, Steven Longan makes the case that vocational wellness is a vital part of growing our work. But, because we don’t often talk about “vocation,” Longan gives us a working definition to start.

"What Does Rewire Do?" Let Me Tell You! (Video)

By Steve Scanlon |   Aug 06, 2015


The Link Between Enjoyment And Positive Change

By Steve Longan |   Jul 23, 2014

Rewire Live Series: Habits

By Steve Scanlon |   Jun 27, 2014


Rewire Live Series: Familiarity

By Steve Scanlon |   Jun 20, 2014


Rewire Live Series: Be Right

By Steve Scanlon |   Jun 13, 2014


Rewire Live Series: Execute

By Steve Scanlon |   May 30, 2014

There's such a strange irony when it comes to planning: Many struggle to do it because (they claim) they don't have the time.  But creating and following a plan is one of the best things we can do make better use of our time.

Rewire Live Series: Release

By Steve Scanlon |   May 23, 2014


Rewire Live Series: Invest

By Steve Scanlon |   May 16, 2014


Rewire Live Series: Workout

By Steve Longan |   May 09, 2014


Rewire Live Series: Enjoy

By Steve Scanlon |   May 02, 2014

Today we address the concept of how your brain changes when you allow it to engage in activity that you enjoy.

Live Series: Rest

By Steve Scanlon |   Apr 24, 2014

Rewire Live Series

By Steve Scanlon |   Apr 18, 2014

Changing it up.  Again.

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