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Win with a Mortgage Loan Officer Mindset Coach

By Stefanie Sample |   May 15, 2018

You’re a highly driven mortgage loan officer looking to grow your sales immensely. You’ve attended the seminars, the workshops, the luncheons. You know all about managerial techniques, and you know exactly how to be a better loan officer. In fact, you’ve probably been coached as much as a Major League team.


So when you hear mindset coach, you may be thinking you’ve heard it all before.  But a mindset coach, by definition, will help you think differently so that you can act differently.


Looking for Positive Change? Start with Sweat.

By Steve Scanlon |   Jan 12, 2018

People that have chosen to develop the habit of working out regularly understand the value of a good sweat. 

At Rewire Inc, we don’t simply recommend that people exercise so that they feel better, or have a smaller waist, less fat or otherwise look better (though those byproducts certainly aren’t bad); we call for it because of what a good workout and a good sweat does for your mind.  There is a 

A True Story About What's on the Other Side of Rewiring

By Steve Scanlon |   Sep 21, 2017

The articles we write are intended to communicate the Rewire way of thinking. Our hope is that we bring a blend of applicable science to your everyday work and life. As such, we always try to connect outside, real-world research to every article. Today, however, I am going to take a brief departure from that and simply offer a personal story about the power of a mind that is being rewired.

He Helped Found America, But His Greatest Challenge Was Changing His Habits: Ben Franklin’s Plan for Personal Transformation

By Edith "Edie" Raphael, PhD |   Jun 07, 2017

“It was about this time I conceived the bold and arduous project of arriving at moral perfection.” - Benjamin Franklin, The Art of Virtue.

Let's Rewire Two Common Holiday Wellness Problems

By Edith "Edie" Raphael, PhD |   Dec 22, 2016

This period of time between Thanksgiving and the New Year is quite special. There’s a sense of excitement and possibility, lots of parties, time with family and friends, old and new traditions, memorable smells, and good food. Despite all of the good cheer (and sometimes because of it), many of us find ourselves with holiday wellness complaints. The three common health-related complaints heard around water coolers in December are:

Listen Deeply. Emotional Intelligence When It Really Matters.

By Steve Scanlon |   Nov 09, 2016

Like millions of others, I awoke this morning in disbelief. I’ll preface this article by saying, for the record, Rewire, Inc. takes no official position about political outcomes. That is, we neither cheer or boo for any individual winner or loser. Instead, we will observe and do our best to listen and understand.

What Kind of Rewards Are the Best Motivators?

By Joe Shaffner |   Oct 20, 2016

Spend enough time around us and you’ll hear some form of the phrase “We can’t expect to act differently unless we first embrace having to think differently.” It’s something we practice internally and one of the mantras that guide our engagements with clients. And one of the things we’re on a mission to help people rewire is the way they think about the motivation for their work. And while there are many different dynamics to a concept like motivation, one area I like to focus on is Reward. One of the things I often ask my clients is how they reward themselves for an accomplishment or reaching a goal. This usually elicits one of three responses:

One Difficult Thing You Must Do To Get Amazing Results

By Steve Scanlon |   Apr 13, 2016


Purpose Is More Than A "One-And-Done" Activity

By Steve Scanlon |   Feb 10, 2016


Venn Diagrams: Answering the Foundational Question of How “Work” & “Life” Are Related

By Steve Longan |   Nov 18, 2015

In today’s Wireboard article, I’d like to utilize one of my favorite teaching devices: the Venn diagram. Venn diagrams are a great way for simply illustrating various concepts and their relationships to one another. So, whenever I have an opportunity to explain something by using a Venn diagram, I’ll take it!

The Power Of Starting Something New

By Steve Scanlon |   Oct 29, 2015


When hosting a Rewire Workshop, I often ask groups “how long does it take to break a habit?” A spattering of attendees will yell out anything from 5 days to 100 days. I suppose these answers are based upon the most recent book they read. And there are a lot of books out there on habits. How to change them, get rid of them, recognize the power in them, etc.  Our habits seem to be all the rage.  A brief search in Amazon left me smiling at the idea that there are hundreds of books all aimed at helping us create or somehow dismantle a habit or two.

Would You Rather Have "Younger-looking" Eyes or "Younger-seeing" Eyes?

By Steve Scanlon |   Sep 16, 2015

The picture for this article is of water taken from the "Fountain of Youth."  You can tell it's the real deal because it comes in an actual plastic bottle and even has a cartoon likeness of Ponce de León on it!  Bottled water aside, I don’t think the Fountain of Youth is a real thing.  I hope that doesn't burst anyone's bubble.  Best I can understand, there is a 100% chance that you will get old.  Granted, you can buy some creams that promise that you will look like Cindy Crawford for a while, but even she will eventually look like the rest of us will: old.

How To Enjoy Life Like The Italians

By Jason Abell |   Aug 19, 2015

A few weeks ago, the wife, kids, and I attended a wedding in the south of Italy (Sorrento to be exact). My nephew Danny (who is Italian) was getting married and invited his dear old Uncle Jason. Trip to Italy for an Italian wedding on the Mediterranean Sea? Ummm, yep! I’m in!

"What Does Rewire Do?" Let Me Tell You! (Video)

By Steve Scanlon |   Aug 06, 2015


A Fun Exercise About Growth, Communication, Creativity And The Power Of Bricks

By Steve Longan |   Jul 02, 2015

I get to do a lot of interesting stuff for my work with Rewire. For instance, I wrote a few weeks ago about some eye-opening research I was doing on making better decisions. One of the other fun things I get to do with Rewire is design exercises for us to use in workshops, keynotes, retreats, etc., and today’s article is about one such exercise.  We’ll talk about: (1) How the exercise is setup, (2) what almost always happens with people as they do this exercise, and (3) what this means for sustainably growing our work.

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