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Reach Your Goals in 30 Days

By Jason Abell |   Jun 28, 2019

30-Day Goal Hitting Program 

Goals. We all have them, make them, and set them aside to wither like well-intentioned heads of lettuce in the crisper drawer. It can be difficult to watch deadlines you set for yourself whoosh by, and even harder to not reach the goals you set out to achieve. We can all relate to this experience. Sometimes an unexpected project or hiccup at work prevents us from reaching quarterly goals. A family sickness can prevent us from keeping a health and wellness routine. But that doesn't mean we should stop setting goals. It just means you might need a little extra help.

What Is Work Life Balance & Your Lizard Brain?

By Rewire Inc. |   Mar 27, 2018

The Truth

Striking a peaceful balance between your work life and your personal life is a myth. If you’re reading this article right now looking for an easy solution to finding your bliss and keeping your family, your coworkers, and your customers happy, then you’ll be disappointed.

Looking for Positive Change? Start with Sweat.

By Steve Scanlon |   Jan 12, 2018

People that have chosen to develop the habit of working out regularly understand the value of a good sweat. 

At Rewire Inc, we don’t simply recommend that people exercise so that they feel better, or have a smaller waist, less fat or otherwise look better (though those byproducts certainly aren’t bad); we call for it because of what a good workout and a good sweat does for your mind.  There is a 

Rewire Live Series: Control

By Steve Scanlon |   Jan 12, 2018

Quick video on control today.  As a concept, I think this is pretty simple: whenever we lack control, we feel at some level that our survival is threatened and we start reacting in all sorts of ways to try to regain control - or even just the illusion of control.

Rewire Launches The Lizard Quiz™!

By Steve Scanlon |   Oct 31, 2017


A True Story About What's on the Other Side of Rewiring

By Steve Scanlon |   Sep 21, 2017

The articles we write are intended to communicate the Rewire way of thinking. Our hope is that we bring a blend of applicable science to your everyday work and life. As such, we always try to connect outside, real-world research to every article. Today, however, I am going to take a brief departure from that and simply offer a personal story about the power of a mind that is being rewired.

An Uplifting Picture of a Stilled Lizard Brain (Video)

By Steve Longan |   Aug 11, 2017


You Know You Should Invest, But In What?

By Steve Scanlon |   Aug 02, 2017

As those of you in our growing tribe have heard many times over, you have a lizard brain. We all do. It is one of the things that makes us human. The lizard brain is considered one of the primary mechanisms for our fight or flight response. And even though we here at Rewire teach on four very distinct characteristics of the lizard brain, it is important to note that learning to “still your lizard” is nothing shy of crucial to your success – irrespective of even how you define “success.”

How To Overcome Cognitive Biases and Make Better Decisions (Or, "What I Learned from the Holiday Party")

By Joe Shaffner |   Dec 09, 2016

As humans, we make decisions most of our waking hours. Left or right? Chicken or fish? Tide or Tide with whitening power? Speak up or stay quiet? Take the job or pass on it? New city? New house? Just in this short list, we can see that some of the decisions we make are mundane, while others may be a matter of life and death.

Active Listening: The Rare Yet Effective Leadership Superpower

By Edith "Edie" Raphael, PhD |   Nov 16, 2016

5 Things I Learned at The Rewire Retreat in San Diego

By Jason Abell |   Sep 29, 2016

Last week saw us engaging with our clients in San Diego for the 3rd annual Rewire Retreat. The Retreat is a time when we do just that: retreat. We get away for 3 days from the daily cycle of phones, emails, typical work and family responsibilities, etc. and engage with other people in a way that we could not otherwise. Make no mistake, we had fun (think ocean kayaking, laughing, bonfires, more laughing, making friends, and jumping out of airplanes). But we also got away to engage ourselves in deep thought about our professional and personal lives, meditate, and plan out new success habits along with specific ways to ensure those habits stick with us for the long-term. It was a transformational time: both for the people who came and for me and the Rewire Team as we ran the event. Today, I wanted to share a few things I learned from my time in San Diego that may be helpful to you.

What If We Are Not What We Repeatedly Do?

By Steve Scanlon |   Sep 15, 2016

So, as it turns out, Aristotle may not have actually said “we are what we repeatedly do.” Or, he may have said something along these lines in Classic Greek, but it doesn't quite translate into English. Whatever the origins, this quote is oft used by people who are trying to get others to examine their habits, their actions, and their lives.

Getting A Handle On Anger

By Edith "Edie" Raphael, PhD |   Aug 17, 2016

Just yesterday, I was walking down the office hallway of a corporate client when I made eye contact with one of the employees. “You know,” she said to me after I stopped to ask how she was doing, “what you really should be teaching is anger management.”

Conscious Growth Is All About the Why

By Edith "Edie" Raphael, PhD |   Jul 20, 2016

Do you have a resolution that seems like it will never get resolved?

Looking for Perspective in the Face of Tragedy

By Steve Scanlon |   Jul 12, 2016

It was a hot August day in 1963. Dr. Martin Luther King valiantly stood in front of a crowd of over a quarter million people in Washington, D.C. and told the world that he had a dream. In order for that dream to be realized, people of all races, colors and creeds were going to need to think differently. Eventually, we would need to act differently. But if all we needed to do was “act” differently, then Dr. King would have laid out a plan and not articulated a dream.

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