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You Can Still Start Now

By Jason Abell |   Jan 29, 2015

A few months ago, we published an article about not quitting something that you start. This article detailed one man’s amazing quest to finish an Iron Man race that he started even though the odds were thoroughly stacked against him. As we learn about how others persevere through challenges, we can gain insight into ourselves and how we may develop similar perseverance. From the feedback we received on this article, we gleaned that the idea of “not quitting” resonated with many of you.

A Story About Not Quitting

By Steve Scanlon |   Oct 29, 2014

Last week, I ran as part of a marathon relay team in the Baltimore Running Festival.  While casually sitting at a pre-race dinner party with the other runners, my friends and I shared some stories about past running races and, like most other times, we did our best to keep our little embellishments at a minimum as we spoke of past events we’d done and ways that we’d battled to cross some silly finish line.

"Do What You Love..." Is That Actually Helpful?

By Steve Scanlon |   Sep 19, 2014

A friend recently sent me a quote from Confucius that went something like this:  “just find what it is you love to do and you will never have to work a day in your life.”  To be fair, I have seen this quote many times in the past and heard quite a few variations from it from others over time.

Why “The Work” Is So Important

By Jason Abell |   Aug 13, 2014


The sweet, delicious corn that our family has been able to enjoy during our Summer dinners this year has been nothing short of spectacular. Just seeing the hot, steaming corn dripping with butter next to a mountain of hard shell crabs or beside some perfectly steamed green vegetables makes my mouth water. As I tell my wife Amy how great the corn is, I'm reminded of the hard work that went into making that corn on my plate a reality. It was work that started months ago with the tilling of the soil in the fields, planting the seed corn, watering, weeding, watching, etc.

Rewire Live Series: Execute

By Steve Scanlon |   May 30, 2014

There's such a strange irony when it comes to planning: Many struggle to do it because (they claim) they don't have the time.  But creating and following a plan is one of the best things we can do make better use of our time.

If Not Now, When?

By Jason Abell |   Mar 11, 2014

The title to this post came from words that I wrote at the bottom of a sheet of lined yellow paper. I drew a line down the middle of it and at the top were the words "Pros" and "Cons". You've probably had a similar sheet of paper that you have drawn up for yourself when some bigger decision in your life needed to be made.

How much planning?

By Steve Scanlon |   Feb 07, 2014

I recently asked a mentor of mine about planning and how much he thought was required in order for a person to achieve success. I offer this post as a tribute to his response.

He offered that not everyone needs to plan in the same way. Some people have amazingly creative minds and what they mostly need is a dream or a vision to make something become reality. Others have highly logical, (perhaps) more primal minds that are best served by a detailed plan to help them get somewhere. As in other areas of work, it is likely that we all need some of both (dream and plan). But, even more than that, I have come to understand that because everyone I work with is different, that means that not everyone needs the same dose of both.

Start Now, Lizard Brain

By Jason Abell |   Jan 27, 2014

Hello everyone. I’m Jason and I’m the newest member of the Rewire team. Let’s say it’s a Monday morning in January. It’s the beginning of the week and the grind of your life is grinding along, and your Lizard Brain wants to kick your New Year’s resolutions upside the head. For many of us that certainly is the case – especially when it comes to that News Year’s resolution piece. According to a two-year study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, only 8% of us are actually successful at achieving our New Year’s resolutions. And since the parking lot at the YMCA looked only about 8% full this morning, I would say that those researchers have their facts straight. But I want to ask, “Why is that?“


By Steve Scanlon |   Dec 31, 2014


Over the years working with clients, I have been on a merry-go-round with regard to New Year’s resolutions.  But I am now back to hoping you make one. There were a few years where I was pretty down on the concept of the New Year’s resolution.  I just found it so typical of our culture to resolve to do something only to get back to the same old rut within hours.*  And one sure fire way to avoid the pain of resolution is to just not try.  But then, if that’s our response to a brand new year, who are we?

The Courage To Reduce Stress

By Steve Scanlon |   Dec 02, 2013

I Recently watched a video of a scientist speaking on the detriments of stress.  The biological and psychological science behind the human experience of stress is amazing. Strangely, though, her point in this presentation wasn’t that stress is bad us (because we really don’t need a Ph.D. to tell us that). No, the interesting science she presented was that merely thinking about stress was bad for us. I suppose we all feel stress at some level and according to this doctor we were to accept the idea that stress is just a part of life and not stew on the idea because too much stewing could could shorten your lifespan considerably.   After I untwisted my brain about thinking about thinking, I came to realize that whether stress itself or the thinking thereof was bad that we must keep having the courage to move through it in our lives.  

Ready, Fire! Ready, Fire! Ready, Fire, Aim!

By Steve Scanlon |   Nov 05, 2013

We just recently completed a key project at Rewire, but not long after the completion, I realized that we didn't really have a solid plan for how we might deploy it.

Held To Account

By Steve Scanlon |   Oct 29, 2013

Accountability is one of those interesting concepts that most everyone thinks they need but just as many avoid.  We know we need it, but we go to great lengths to avoid it as well.  And, even as I work with people in developing cultures of accountability, one strange component of this dialogue is how everyone seems to define "accountability" differently.  For some, accountability is a harsh reminder of things we are not doing, and for others, it is a gentle reminder of key areas of strength.  The very last thing I want to do is pretend that I have some all-inclusive, definitive answer for what accountability is.  I don't -- or, at least, not one that I could do justice in a short blog. What I do want to point out is that Rewiring our minds means that we think about how we think. So, all I can do today is offer you a suggestion to think about what it is you actually think of accountability.  Why do you think that?  Is your definition of accountability congruent with the actions you take in life?  

Dumb Questions

By Steve Scanlon |   Oct 10, 2013

New Call-to-action

Ah, the things we can learn from the idioms we use everyday.  We’re awash in them for better or worse.1 Some of them we find really useful, and some of them -- well, some of them grate like nails on a chalkboard.2 For instance, we’ve all heard someone say “there is no such thing as a dumb question.”  But really? Come on. There is no way that’s true. I’d be willing to bet3 you’re thinking of someone right now you had the misfortune of sharing a classroom with. In fact, every time I hear (or say) "there are no dumb questions," I immediately concoct a few “dumb questions” in my mind.

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