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5 Things I Learned at The Rewire Retreat in San Diego

By Jason Abell |   Sep 29, 2016

Last week saw us engaging with our clients in San Diego for the 3rd annual Rewire Retreat. The Retreat is a time when we do just that: retreat. We get away for 3 days from the daily cycle of phones, emails, typical work and family responsibilities, etc. and engage with other people in a way that we could not otherwise. Make no mistake, we had fun (think ocean kayaking, laughing, bonfires, more laughing, making friends, and jumping out of airplanes). But we also got away to engage ourselves in deep thought about our professional and personal lives, meditate, and plan out new success habits along with specific ways to ensure those habits stick with us for the long-term. It was a transformational time: both for the people who came and for me and the Rewire Team as we ran the event. Today, I wanted to share a few things I learned from my time in San Diego that may be helpful to you.

This Article Is Risk-y

By Steve Scanlon |   Apr 08, 2015

I’ve been spending a bit of time lately thinking about how our brains deal with risk.  In a nutshell, my research has led me to understand that most of us cope with risk constantly  — to varying degrees of success.

Have You Tried Forgetting About Your Problems And Investing In Others Yet?

By Steve Longan |   Mar 25, 2015

The picture at the top of this article may be tough to decipher at first. It’s 120 black backpacks laid out in a hotel ballroom. But it’s how we got all those backpacks that I want to talk about today.

The Difficult We Do Immediately And The Impossible Takes A Little Longer

By Jason Abell |   Nov 19, 2014


It was Fall 1979 and my dad and I had just finished the last leaf raking and lawn mowing of the year. This meant it was time to empty the gas out of the mower's tank and put it away for the winter. But we had a problem: the little handheld pump on the syphon that we normally used for such jobs was busted. Turning the mower upside down to pour the gas out was really not a viable option and leaving the gas in the tank for the Winter would mean a non-starting mower come Spring (since the gas would go stale by then).

The Role Of Epiphanies In Our Work

By Steve Longan |   Sep 24, 2014

Break Your Mindset Patterns To Advance

By Jason Abell |   Jun 24, 2014

When it comes to getting somewhere that we want to go in our work or in our life, very often we need to stop something that we are currently doing. And the things that we are currently doing are sometimes the patterns of our life. These patterns can include our habits, our relationships, and for sure include our thoughts and state of mind.

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