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How To Resign From A Job You Hate (In 6 Steps)

By Jason Abell |   Oct 23, 2014

During the last few weeks we have written articles about when it might be the right time to leave a job as well as a mental approach to starting something new. We have many clients who seem to be in a transitional time in their lives and we’ve come to the conclusion here at Rewire that people are always in a state of transition (Heck, "a state of transition" is almost the very essence of being a human!) So, today we tackle the topic of how to resign with grace and professionalism. And we'll take this topic on whether it's from a job that you don’t like, or really from any job no matter how you feel about it (I got you with the title didn’t I?!).

Rewire So You Can....

By Steve Scanlon |   Oct 15, 2014

A close friend of mine recently attended one of our workshops and was deeply impacted by her experience and response to our time together.  Upon re-entering her environment at home, she told a few friends about her time and the nature of our work and hers at the event.  This is wonderful as we love it when people share about what they experienced at our workshops.  Even better, we've seen people multiply their development when they get their community and colleagues involved with their growth in response to our programs.  Overall, she received very favorable feedback as a result of her work.

You Know It’s Time To Leave When... (A Short Story)

By Jason Abell |   Oct 01, 2014

If you had asked me the middle of last year "What will you be doing career-wise for the next 20 years?" I would have said confidently “mortgage banking.” You see, I started full-time in the mortgage industry during the Fall of 1993 as an assistant to two high level mortgage bankers. They trained me and allowed me to shadow them, which lead me to the point where I was able to tackle the task of originating home loans on my own. I was still living with my parents at the time and within a year or so I started making some money at that job.

The Role Of Epiphanies In Our Work

By Steve Longan |   Sep 24, 2014

Managing Your Time Can End Badly

By Steve Scanlon |   Sep 10, 2014


The more I go on in life the more I realize how much I thought I knew that ends up being not quite right.  I can’t tell if it’s funny or scary just how much stuff I used to subscribe to and now see as silly or even completely wrong-headed.  Took me a while, but I’m getting better.

When Control Becomes A Liability To Our Work

By Steve Scanlon |   Sep 03, 2014


Dave didn’t like my presentation.  Come to think about it, I’m not so sure Dave liked me.

The Connections That Keep Our Work Alive

By Steve Longan |   Aug 27, 2014

The following events took place a few miles from the Rewire offices recently:

The Light Side Of Hope

By Steve Scanlon |   Aug 20, 2014

What are you hoping for these days? Have you ever paused and given attention to your hopes? Do you even hope at all or has this season dealt you the kind of cards that leave you feeling hopeless? Too many people feel no hope.

Why “The Work” Is So Important

By Jason Abell |   Aug 13, 2014


The sweet, delicious corn that our family has been able to enjoy during our Summer dinners this year has been nothing short of spectacular. Just seeing the hot, steaming corn dripping with butter next to a mountain of hard shell crabs or beside some perfectly steamed green vegetables makes my mouth water. As I tell my wife Amy how great the corn is, I'm reminded of the hard work that went into making that corn on my plate a reality. It was work that started months ago with the tilling of the soil in the fields, planting the seed corn, watering, weeding, watching, etc.

Why Would I Invest In That? What’s The ROI?

By Steve Scanlon |   Aug 06, 2014

When we think of making an investment in something it usually goes hand in hand with the expectation of receiving some kind of return. In the business or financial arena, this is referred to as return on investment (or ROI). Talk with any financial advisor and the mere mention of the word “investment” will inevitably bring up the word “return”.

Letting Go Of The Past So You Can Take Up Something New

By Steve Scanlon |   Jul 30, 2014

The pull in our businesses and lives to repeat old patterns is as pervasive as gravity.  Starting something new is so very difficult.  Part of the reason for this difficulty is that to start something new is also to lose something old and we simply don’t want to let go of the ways of old.

The Link Between Enjoyment And Positive Change

By Steve Longan |   Jul 23, 2014

 For those of you following us on social media (insert shameless plug to follow Rewire on Facebook and Twitter here), we've shared this video with you before.  It's a really fun video about a cool idea that could benefit a lot of people if replicated in other countries.

What Happens To Us When We Invest In Others

By Jason Abell |   Jul 18, 2014

The family and I just finished a 6 day mission trip to the The Dominican Republic and I am settled into my seat on a plane back to the US. I can now take a breath and write a little about what I learned. This was the first time our four-person family (13 year old Julia, 11 year old JJ, and middle aged Mom and Dad) have served others internationally and I must say that it was quite an experience. During this trip, we purposefully visited the most impoverished places to help in any way that we could during our short stay there. We painted houses, held babies and played with children that don't get much positive adult attention, put on medical clinics and small music concerts, and attended church services. I could (and probably will) write long articles about the extreme poverty we witnessed during our stay and the things that we can do about it that actually make a difference, but that is not what this article is about. Instead this little story is about what happens to us when we invest ourselves in others.

Positive Change Starts With Doing Nothing. No, Seriously.

By Steve Longan |   Jul 15, 2014

When was the last time you just sat and thought for a few minutes?  How was that?  If it's not something you've done in a while, I'd invite you to take 10 minutes to go and do that as soon as you're done reading this article.

Where Our Convictions And Ability To Listen Clash

By Steve Scanlon |   Jul 08, 2014

Having profound convictions about something or a deep-seeded belief is a really great thing. It gives our decision-making a needed frame of reference and can help carry us through tough seasons in our work. Countless leadership books speak about developing a culture of conviction or some similar idea.

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