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Rewire Live Series: Control

  Steve Scanlon     Jan 12, 2018

Quick video on control today.  As a concept, I think this is pretty simple: whenever we lack control, we feel at some level that our survival is threatened and we start reacting in all sorts of ways to try to regain control - or even just the illusion of control.

How much time, energy and work could we get back if we recognized where we were acting to gain absolute control in areas where our control isn't really needed (or isn't really even possible)?


Cheers to quieting the lizard.



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Steve Scanlon

Written by Steve Scanlon

Steve Scanlon is the Founder and CEO of Rewire. He loves to see people change the way they think and enter new seasons of growth for their work. If you have a couple of hours, ask him about his new golf swing.

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